Keynote: Coaching Winners to Champions


Managers, executives, athletic directors, small business, sales professionals


America is full of winners. But very few people ever become champions.

The difference between the two is champions have someone in their corner to take raw talent and shape it into something special.

Coach Tony Ingle has a championship pedigree as one of the only coaches to ever take two different college teams to national titles.

Coach Ingle spent his career transforming winners into champions and his lessons and message continue to resonate with today’s business leaders.

Using his compelling story of overcoming physical, emotional and economic disadvantage to become coach of the year 10 times at the state and national level, Tony Ingle is a Hall of Fame coach who continues to  inspire audiences across the country to get past obstacles to success, set goals and make them happen.


Coach Ingle is inspiring AND practical. Audiences leave this keynote with insights into:

  • How the lessons learned through adversity can help them become more successful
  • Why believing in their their own ability to succeed is more important than anything else
  • Why perseverance is the most important skill set anyone needs when it comes to succeeding in any endeavour

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