"He'll make you laugh until you cry. And he'll make you cry until you realize you are inspired to change your life."
Jason Hewlett


Tony Ingle has given hundreds of keynote speeches through the years and has helped thousands upon thousands of people find ways to improve themselves and accomplish unbelievable things.  He is a leader that knows how to inspire both individual as well as team performances.

As a coach on the hardwood, he has built a national reputation and career on taking over struggling programs and molding them into winners and champions.  As a speaker on the stage, he provides that same personal touch to each individual in the audience.  In his speeches, the audience will hear and feel a man that sincerely cares for their wellbeing.  He does it in a very subtle but yet entertaining way and his personal experiences as a youth, adult, husband, father, teacher administrator and coach gives him a wealth of wit and wisdom of stories, quotes, and antidotes that is just full of good stuff.  Tony says, “Everyone needs to know that they are bigger than any circumstances and that they are loved, important and can be successful.”


Hear Tony speak and listen to the testimonials of others.

“Tony Ingle listens to his audience and can sense where the real need and pain is in people which allows them to relate to him.”

Steven R. Covey

Best Selling Author

“Tony can inspire an audience and everybody has a good time while he is doing it.”

Nolan D. Archibald

CEO, Black & Decker Corporation

“Tony Ingle is an enthusiastic, informed, sincere, and humorous speaker”

Marie Osmond

Singer & Entertainer

“We were honored and excited to have Tony be our Keynote speaker for our international convention.”

Dave Riley

CEO, Pro Image Franchise

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