"A superb story teller... The only speaker I know who can make you laugh while he has you crying.
Glen Tuckett, Former BYU and Alabama AD

“A superb story teller.  The only speaker I know who can make you laugh while he has you crying.  Informed, entertaining, humorous.  He hits a home run every time he goes to the podium.”

Glen Tuckett

Former BYU and Alabama AD

“People actually thanked me for bringing him in… and they said he was the best speaker we have ever had.  I observed the audience throughout the presentation and was amazed at how much they were locked into every word.  Definitely an inspiration to us all.”

Jim Cunningham

Superintendent, Fort Payne City Schools

“Even in a large group setting, Tony has the ability to make everyone feel like he is addressing them as individuals and he cares for them.  His warm stories and down-to-earth delivery convinced us all that he was not giving a “canned” speech.  What a wonderfully talented speaker that leaves you wanting more and motivated to take action.”

Lynn Tuttle

Meadow Gold Dairies

“When Coach Ingle talked I welled up in tears.  He is so real and those stories are his… just listening to him I could feel his story.  He helps me realize we can help our students by being emphatic, understanding role models.”

Lisa Joes

Varnel Elementary School

“Tony Ingle listens to his audience and can sense where the real need and pain is in people which allows them to relate to him”.

Stephen R. Covey

Best Selling Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“Mr. Tony Ingle recently spoke for our organizations and we as a board came to the conclusion that he has been the best speaker for the vent in the past ten years.”

Kathy Schleier

Executive Director, Family Frameworks

“I highly recommend Tony as an outstanding speaker and know that he will provide inspiration to any audience… our administration were uplifted and motivated to make a difference in the lives of their students.”

Dr. Judy Gilreath

Superintendent, Whitefield County Schools

“Our Keynote Speakers, such as Warren Buffet, Peyton Manning, Jack Nicholas, Mark Richt, Kathy Ireland, Rudy Ruettger, and many more, but nose of these speakers enthused the kids, my staff, and givers as much as Coach Tony Ingle!”

David Renz

President, Boys and Girls Clubs

“Coach Ingle did a great job of helping AutoTrader.com”

Jim Franchi


“He had me laughing and crying at the same time at our international convention.”

Dave Riley

CEO, Pro-Image

“I heard sales people quoting Tony months after his speech.”

Kyrus Frames

RBM of Atlanta Mercedes

“When Tony speaks, people listen.  He is instructional, motivational and very entertaining.  He can inspire an audience and everybody has a good time while he’s doing it.”

Nolan Archibald

CEO, Black & Decker Corporation

“If you ever have a chance to hear Coach speak, take it!  He is one of the the most enthralling speakers you have ever heard.  One minute he has you laughing hysterically, the next you are sobbing.  It is a roller coaster of emotion!  He is self-depreciating, hilarious, insightful and empowering.  If success in life is measured in imparting positive experiences n those around you, Coach has to be the wealthiest man n the world!”

David Pennington IV

Advanced Insurance Strategies

“Any organization can benefit by securing his services to speak.”

John Wooden

Coach, UCLA

“… truly has the knack for motivating and teaching, using an inimitable style of humor.”

Lavell Edwards

Head Coach, BYU

“… could be called an instant friend to all… entertaining, positive, humorous.  He never fails to put a smile on my face.”

Dale Murphy

ML Baseball Great, Atlanta Braves