I don’t Mind Hitting Bottom, I Just Hate Dragging

With forewords by multimillion-selling author Stephen Covey and Basketball Hall of Famer Hubie Brown, I Don’t Mind Hitting Bottom, I Just Hate Dragging will entertain, motivate and inspire. It is the engaging and unique story of a life full of resilience, perseverance, faith and family… told by a man known by coaching colleagues and friends as “the Will Rogers of basketball.”

“I laughed and cried reading this heartwarming and inspirational book, if you combined the movies Rudy, Hoosiers and Miracle On Ice, I believe this story tops them all. Coach Tony’s against all odds story to become a National Champion is AMAZING !”

Jason Hewlett

Entertainer, Speaker, Author

“A great family man whose whole family has given back to basketball together. This is  a great read ! ”

Sonny Smith

Former Auburn Coach, TV Analyst

“The thing I admire most about Tony Ingle is that he kept the faith and pursued his dream. This book is a classic example of having a goal and a following a daily plan to achieve it”

Thad Matta

Head Coach, Ohio State University

“Every once in a while the world gives birth to an original. When that happens it behooves the world to capture the essence of that true original like lightning in a bottle. Tony’s story will make you laugh and cry and often at the same time.”

Mitch Davis


“When Tony talks, people listens ! Tony’s life experiences in this book will be enjoyable to all readers. Sit back and relax, you’ll be thoroughly entertained !”

Bob Reinhart

NBA Scout