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Coach Tony Ingle is known for his ability to inspire, educate,  and entertain. His delivery is full of valuable content that produces success when implemented. Audiences are captivated with his humor and inspirational stories while being touched with his sincerity. You will be laughing one minute and crying the next, and after experiencing his message and style, you will be wanting  to “climb the ladder” just like he did.. all the way  to your dreams. Coach Tony says; “Desire on Fire will get you There.”

Coach  Ingle is living proof that Dreams Come True! He went 0-19 as the interim head coach at BYU lost his job and was left depressed broke and branded a loser never to coach again.  After all, who would hire a coach that could not win a game? Tony says; “instant success has made a failure out of many , long struggling success has made a path for many to follow”…. against all odds, he never gave up striving to win a  National Championship and because he  kept his faith in god, belief in himself, courage to continue, spirit to serve, and a determination to perservere regardless of the circumstances, he finally coached his team to a National Championship victory during  “March Madness,” live on CBS TV with millions of viewers watching. Many feel it is one of the best comeback stories in all of sports.Tony says; “not one person or a group of people nor one circumstance or group of circumstances should prevent us from realizing our dreams.”

With all of Tony’s experiences his speeches are customizable to meet the needs of the group or organization. He, recently sold the rights to his book “I Don’t Mind Hitting Bottom, I Just Hate Dragging” to a Hollywood movie producer. Tony says, ” when our dreams are big enough, the obstacle are small enough to overcome”

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“Tony Ingle listens to his audience and can sense where the real need and pain is in people which allows them to relate to him.”

Stephen R. Covey

Best Selling Author

“Tony can inspire an audience and everybody has a good time while he is doing it.”

Nolan D. Archibald

CEO, Black and Decker Corporation

“Tony Ingle is an enthusiastic, informed, sincere, and humorous speaker”

Marie Osmond

Singer & Entertainer

“We were honored and excited to have Tony be our Keynote speaker four our international convention.”

Dave Riley

CEO, Prom Image Franchise